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PSD Residential Flooring

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Sulfate-bearing fill material was included in the construction of hundreds of thousands of domestic properties in the period between 1945 and 1970 as support for concrete floor slabs. The legacy has been a continuing occurrence of damage to floor slabs and abutting walls as sulfate from the fill material has attacked the overlying concrete. PSD Residential Flooring is a unique company which offers professional advice and remedial work for the sole purpose of Sulfate Attack have been established since 1982. Well respected within the industry PSD have been able to build strong relationships with many suppliers and professionals allowing PSD to offer a professional guaranteed service which is competitive within the current market.

Our website has recently been updated allowing you to request a Quote and a Sulfate Attack Report. It provides useful information on Sulfate Attack, Building Standards, Structural Engineers and the approach taken for all Remedial Work. We hope you find this website useful and informative.

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